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Randolph Women's Club

Serving in Randolph, MA since 1855

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From Preservation to Accessibility

Accessibility Renovation Fundraising Campaign: Our goal is to complete the restoration of the Jonathan Belcher House and make it handicapped accessible, with new bathrooms and new walkways that will allow for easy entry and movement for all our members, renters, residents, and visitors. The architect for this plan is Patrick Guthrie, President, Design Associates, Inc, a leader in historic preservation and restoration.  We've raised $322,000 so far, and submitted two additional grant requests totaling $219,000.  When these funding sources are realized, including pledges from the membership, RWC will be just $59,000 away from the $595,000 needed to complete the project. 

Now we're asking everyone to pitch in to help us reach the finish line! 

Your contribution of any amount will get us closer to our goal. Thank you!

Jonathan Belcher House


Annie Belcher Tower Tarbell gave the Jonathan Belcher House and all of the furnishings to the Ladies' Library Association in 1911.  It has been maintained throughout the years and is now available to rent for your events. Click the link below to learn more:


Learn how you can contribute to the important mission of the Randolph Women's Club.

The Randolph Women's Club was established in 1855 to promote the education of women and provide benevolent services in the Town of Randolph.

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