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Join a beautiful community of women from Randolph and surrounding towns who want to preserve the history of the Ladies Library Association and the Jonathan Belcher House.  If you are interested in preserving history and making history, become a member or make a donation to help us continue our contribution to developing our community of women intellectually, economically, and socially.



Committees for Donations:


Donate to DOVE  (Domestic Violence Ended) to help victims of domestic violence. 
RWC began to support this endeavor when it first “adopted” a single mother and her children who were physically abused in 1990.   Our support to victims of domestic violence has evolved into a continued tradition and we work closely with DOVE.   Club members contribute to the success of this endeavor with an annual DOVE vigil and we invite you to show your support by making a donation.

Donate to help women veterans.
Massachusetts’ population of veterans include more than 25,000 women.  In November 2010 the RWC wanted to express gratitude and help offer support to women who made personal sacrifices on behalf of their country to help ensure our freedoms.  Since that time, each year we host a financial campaign to gather gift cards and present to female veterans.

Donate to RWC Scholarship Committee. 
Members contribute to Randolph High School Seniors’ college education. This practice of helping advance the chosen students began in 1947 and is ongoing at present time. Students submit essays for review and the student who writes the most impressive essay will receive an award from Scholarship Funds


Mail In:

360 North Main Street. Randolph, MA 02368


Become a Member

Member benefits include:

  • Free or discount admission to club events.

  • Participation in Book Club celebrating topics related to women.

  • Charitable giving to organizations such as DOVE, Veterans, and high school scholarships.

  • Annual International Women's Day Luncheon.

  • Participation in a historic organization, dedicated to improving the lives of our neighbors and preserving the Jonathan Belcher House and grounds for current and future generations.

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